A photo of people waving at photographers

It’s the 7th Americas Summit, it’s in Panama, it has a lot of Presidents and other people:

click to embiggen

Canada didn’t send its Head of State, she was busy at Andy Murray’s wedding or something.

‘Chelle didn’t go, some other Chilean took her place.

Nico Maduro’s ordering a coffee or a beer, it seems.

Varela looks like he needs a pee. And a better fitting suit.

You get three Enrique Peña Nietos for one Nicolas Maduro.

Evo Morales has put on weight.

Juanma Santos decided to rawk the TAN SUIT in public, bless his heart.

Rafa Correa’s looking older

Barack Obama got old! When did that happen?

Dan Ortega got really old! Seriously, looks older than the dude from Cuba.

Life’s too short, and so is Ollanta Humala.

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